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Your new personal homepage for surfing the Internet
atchus! is a practical new way of browsing the web more quickly by organizing your favorites visually. Instead of writing out URLs, just click its icon in atchus!
Save and organize your favorites and news
You can save the pages you visit most and organize them as you wish. You'll always have your links and news at hand.
Share and explore Internet with your contacts and friends
Find out which pages your contacts visit and discuss what you find in this universe called Internet.
Add links from your browser
Install our Pagesaver in your browser. You can save links while you surf with just one click!
Open up to four links with one click
Launch the first four links from your boxes with just one click. Each one of them will open in a new tab.
Copy links from others
Discover new links your friends add in the Wall and if you like them, copy them to your atchus!
One atchus! wherever you are
From your office computer, your phone on the train, your tablet on the beach to your TV from the sofa your atchus! account can be accessed from any device with Internet.
Share your knowledge with others
Discover social browsing on the net with atchus! Our community's best links are waiting to make your web surfing even better!
atchus! is your new RSS reader
Organise, edit, move, add, remove, share, comment. atchus! is an fully featured, independent RSS manager.
Import your RSS feeds from Feedly or Google Reader
You can import an XML file with your feeds from Feedly or Google Takeout and keep all your tags.